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1108 Unit HiTester

Product Classification: High Speed Pattern Inspection of Fine Pitch Panelized Package Substrates

Product Description: The 1108 Unit HiTester has a testhead that is ideal mass production of fine-pitch panels.

Applications: Inspection of MCM, BGA, PGA, CSP and other HDI boards. 1108 has been also be installed to in-circuit test of the mounted components and pattern resistances.

Product Highlights:

  • Fine Pitch: 100 micron (production proven)
  • Superior probing accuracy: plus/minus 5 um
  • User maintainable test heads
  • L,C, R, D measurement
  • Step and Repeat Capability: maximum 3000 parts/panel
  • High speed measurement: 0.4 sec/1024 points;  tact time 3 sec/1 part
  • Inspection up to 8192 points with optional expanded scanner configuration
  • 200 V Isolation 1 V step
  • Optional non-contact test feature










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