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1116 X-Y C HiTester ++> New Model is FA 1116 Flying Probe Tester

Drastically improved productivity compared to our popular 1116 predecessors!

Product Classification: High speed High Precision PWB  Flying Probe Tester

Product Description: The 1116 Hi-Speed Tester uses capacitance measurement to significantly reduce the number of necessary test steps in an open-short check. This approach offers significantly reduced test time compared to conventional continuity/isolation testing, and global isolation check for any net on the board. With highest capacitance and resistance resolutions of the system, isolated pads can be easily detected and qualify.  Being a fixtureless tester plus very long probe lifetime and minimal maintenance requirement, the HIOKI 1116 HiTester system has very low cost of ownership. 

Product Applications: Most popularly used by PCB manufacturers of all types including rigid, flex, rigid-flex, FR-x, plastic, ceramic (LTCC), LCD/OLED glass panels and other demanding applications that ask for larger than 1.25 mm adjacency, 500 MΩ at dc 100V isolation tests.

For High Voltage electrical isolation routine tests, we have reported a technical paper at IPC Meeting to assist you for well informed test strategic decisions.

Product Highlights:

  • Max 100 steps/sec: highest throughput ever made available by minimum number of flying probes designed for prototyping and production needs
  • Ultra High resolution Electrical Measurements: unbeatable R, L, C, D measurement resolutions
    • highest resistance resolution 191 nano-Ω
    • highest capacitance resolution 5 atto-Farad
  • Proven Embedded Passive Measurement from Ω to GΩ Resistors, and femto Farad to micro Farad Capacitors.
  • One-Touch Board Handling
  • Also great for testing Deep Cavity on board structures
  • Very High Probing Accuracy: production proven with 0.5 mil pads or lines
  • Test Area of 24 in x 20 in, No Minimum board size requirement
  • Fine pitch: 3 mil pitch without staggering effort in resistance mode, capacitance mode pitch 2 mil
  • Accommodates 0.1 mm to 6+ mm boards -- allows for testing of  all boards from 1 mil flex web to over 30 layer rigid boards
  • Isolated Pad Detection
  • Unnoticeable Probe Marks to ensure void-free wire bondability
  • 24 hour 7 days Production proven with minimal quarterly PM
  • 500 MΩ Isolation, dc 250V, 1V step setting
  • Auto-loader option available for rigid or flex pwb production use





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